Conditions commonly treated

Everyone can benefit from Myofascial Release...

Everyone can benefit from Myofascial Release treatment even if they are not currently experiencing persistent pain. Fascia is a web-like structure throughout the body which supports  the bones, organs and systems. Injuries cause restrictions in this  structure.

The  distortions of posture and function caused by the restrictions of the fascia can cause pain or problems in the future. Removing these restrictions early may prevent severe pain or dysfunction at a later date.

Pain is always a messenger of a problem. If we continually ignore a small pain messenger, our bodies will send a bigger message next time.  

Conditions that are frequently and successfully treated with Myofascial Release include:

Acute and Chronic Back Pain
Neck Pain
Myofascial pain syndrome
TMJ problems
Chronic Fatigue syndrome
SI Dysfunction
Piriformis syndrome

Painful scars
Post-surgical rehabilitation
Restrictions of motion
Muscle spasm/muscle tension
Frozen Shoulder
Shoulder Impingement

Women's Health issues:

Breast cancer
Pelvic Pain
Painful Intercourse
Menstrual problems