Physical Therapy

Identify, treat & prevent...

Physical Therapy treatment will identify, treat and prevent limitations related to the body's structure, movement, function and health. A Physical Therapist can promote a return of flexibility, correct alignment, improve balance, strength, power, endurance and train for proper mechanics and function.

Each person receiving physical therapy at BodyWise Therapy will receive a  comprehensive evaluation that will assess the individual's posture and  alignment, strength, flexibility and function. The body is assessed as a  three-dimensional structure, which should move freely through space.  This type of assessment often identifies the structural issue causing  your problem, not just the location of the pain or symptoms. A mechanical or structural problem in one area will impact surrounding  structures. 

This is the reason a problem in one part of the body can cause pain in a different area. For example, a restricted joint in your  pelvis can cause pain down one of your legs, or pain up your back.  Following the assessment, the findings will be discussed with you, and  your personal goals for your therapy will be identified.

BodyWise Therapy provides Myofascial Release, a specialized manual therapy  approach for treating structural and soft tissues imbalances within the  body. I use traditional Physical Therapy modalities to relieve pain and eliminate pain which causes muscle spasm. You will also be given  take-home recommendations for stretching and self-care techniques to improve your response to the physical therapy. Your healing process may also include some strengthening exercises or movement lessons done with  me in the clinic and then as a home recommendation. 

Your treatment program will be tailor made for your physical needs, concerns, lifestyle  and goals. The more you are involved in your treatment process, the more successful your therapy process will be.